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  • How are the proceeds from the direct sales handled?
    Any cash from the sales is paid directly to the nominated account. This may be the estate's trust account or for other services such as downsizing, your nominated bank account. As part of the service, Estate of Affairs carefully tracks all sales and ensures you always have oversight of the itemised results of cash sales and auctions.
  • How are clothes handled?
    Estate of Affairs strongly believe in the philosophy of recycling/reuse and donating to worthwhile enterprises. Both womens' and mens’ clothing, where suitable, can be donated to Dress for Success / Dress for Work. These organisations support men and women who are looking for work, such as the long term unemployed, refugees and those coming out of prison. There are many charitable organisations such as St. Vincent’s de Paul and Lifeline who will take clothing and we make it our business to ensure everything is housed appropriately.
  • What happens if I need a storage unit?
    We can certainly arrange a storage unit for any family member unable to take their things immediately, and we will ensure the goods are packed and transferred appropriately.
  • What happens if I am not living in Sydney but want to use your services?
    Estate of Affairs works closely with family members and executors in planning what needs to be done. We always take photos of all the items in the house, and often liaise via video calls to gain instructions before setting to work. These pre-discussions help ensure every family member has the opportunity to contribute to matters regarding the estate and their expectations. Importantly, Estate of Affairs provides regular updates on all activities.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we have appropriate personal liability insurance.
  • What should I expect from an initial meeting?
    An initial meeting ideally takes place at the property in question. This way you can meet us and discuss our services and we can assess the amount of work required. As every situation is different, we suggest you call us for an initial chat. At Estate of Affairs, our aim is to work with you to affect the best outcomes for your particular needs.
  • Do you need a letter of Authorisation?
    Ideally, yes. This is important if we are to do all the liaising with the various auction houses on your behalf. Your lawyer should be be able to quickly provide this, as well as the trust account details for the estate. For other services outside of full deceased estate facilitation, this would be on a case by case basis.
  • Will there be an open line of communication?
    Absolutely. Estate of Affairs will keep you regularly informed. Everything we do will be in consultation with the Executors and/or family, with comprehensive updates along the way. Some clients may choose to be more involved than others and as every estate has different needs, this will be discussed at our initial meeting. For example some Executors where there are no immediate family members available, may choose to let us take on the entire process from start to finish.
  • What happens to items that cannot be sold or donated to charity?
    Some auction items do not sell immediately and may need to be put up for auction more than once. In the unlikely event that things cannot be sold or donated, then we always have the option of council clean up or an arranged pick up for landfill. But again, we will do our very best to avoid this.
  • How are valuations handled?
    This really depends on the item in question. In some cases Estate of Affairs may take a piece of jewellery to a specialist valuer, in other cases an auction house may provide the approx. value(s) on site. Reserves are suggested but are always reviewed prior to confirmation and sale. There are also times when interested parties will come to the house to review the item(s) in question.
  • Will there be complete transparency and documentation of all sales?
    Yes. Estate of Affairs provide regular reporting and ensures all items are documented and tracked. All cash sales are itemised and tracked appropriately for review at any time. Cash from sales is typically deposited into the trust account. Similarly, for auction sales, all items are photographed and tracked on pick up with a signed statement of items taken, and as the auction(s) occur, settlement reports are issued. So, while Estate of Affairs manages all the liaising and administration, the Executors and/or family will always be kept informed about the status of all sales.
  • Do I get an invoice?
    Yes, once you agree to use our full service we will provide an invoice for the first month, which is paid in advance. The remaining fees will be invoiced and paid from the trust account on a monthly basis. Fees for other services will be agreed based on the task required and time involved.
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