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Deceased Estate Facilitation -

Downsizing - Decluttering - Transitioning to Care

Every estate is different, typically containing numerous collections and items of interest. Our full service encompasses three basic stages that we typically apply after the family has identified everything they wish to keep. Our aim is to ease the burden during your time of grief by removing all the menial tasks, administration, the vast amount of research and running around. 

Stage One: Initial Preparation

  • Packing and delivery/shipment of gifted items

  • Arrangement of a storage unit, if necessary

  • Full clean out of kitchen, bathrooms and cupboards

  • Sorting clothes, ensuring no items of value are attached or in pockets

  • Charitable donations

  • Books & magazines

Stage Two: Sales

  • Working with relevant auction houses/dealers

  • Arranging valuations, e.g. art, furniture, carpets and jewellery

  • Online sales, e.g. Gumtree

  • Costume jewellery & vintage items

Stage Three: Prepare Real Estate for Sale

  • Re-use / dispersal of any unwanted items

  • Tradesmen, as needed

Anything else -  and there will be! - please just ask. We are your extra pair of hands, just when you need us most.

As part of the service you will always be consulted and kept up to date at every stage.

Other Services

Our services extend beyond estate facilitation. We also help downsizers, those relocating who just need some short term assistance, and those in care who may need a trusted individual to do the running around for an estate matter.  

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