Vintage Jewelry


Professional Appraisals By a Certified Professional

Stage One – Initial Preparation

  • Packing and delivery/shipment of gifted items

  • Arrangement of a storage unit, if necessary, incl. transferral of goods

  • Full clean out of kitchen and bathrooms

  • Sorting clothes, ensuring no items of value are attached/ in pockets

  • Charitable Donations

  • Books & Magazines

Stage Two - Sales

  • Working with relevant Auction Houses/Dealers

  • Gaining valuations, e.g. Art, Furniture, Carpets and Jewellery

  • Online Sales, e.g. Gumtree

  • Costume Jewellery & Vintage Items

Stage Three - Pre-Sale

  • Recycling / Dispersal of unwanted items

  • Tradesmen, as needed, prior to sale

Anything else (and there will be!) please just ask us – we want to be your extra pair of hands, just when you need us most.

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