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Every family will have differing needs at this time, and our services are adaptable for your needs.


Winding up an estate takes time, typically 3 months, but can take much longer. To maximise the value of an estate a lot of research and running around is required.


Depending on the scale of your estate, there are various fee options available based on either:

  • A full-service dissolution, where Estate of Affairs is engaged for a 2-3 month period. This would incur a flat monthly fee which offers you peace of mind with a cap of 3 months, but we will support you through to completion of the entire process. Our fees would be plus expenses if required eg. packing materials; or

  • Rates based on weekly, daily or hourly timeframes can be discussed for more targeted or selective estate matters.

Fees for other services will be based on the task required and time involved.


Please call me to arrange an appointment to discuss your specific requirements. 

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