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Experience Counts

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Heidi Sting, founder of Estate of Affairs

Estate of Affairs was literally born out of grief. When a close friend passed away it was clear that the family were too overwhelmed with the daunting task of clearing out the home and its vast array of memories, antiques and sentimental pieces. We stepped in to facilitate the entire process prior to the sale of the property.


No one ever tells you how much work this is going to be and no one is ever prepared for it. If you truly care about where family items end up, yet also want to gain value for the estate, it takes time, energy and countless hours of research.  


Estate of Affairs will carefully step in to take this full burden from you. We'll ensure your loved one’s possessions gain value for the estate whilst continuing to be cherished and appreciated by future generations.

I have spent 35 years working around the globe in roles where customer service has always been my top priority. I have a true desire to help people and make their lives that much easier. With Estate of Affairs, I continue to apply my vast experience to this niche area where trust and subtlety is of utmost importance to my clients.

I am an avid art enthusiast but also enjoy the arts in all of its many forms. When not working or exercising, I like to unwind with a good book or can often be found at the cinema enjoying the myriad film festivals Sydney has to offer. 

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